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2022 IDHA Annual Session

October 21, 2022 @ 8:00 am - October 22, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

Free – $425.00

2022 IDHA Annual Session

October 21st-22nd— College of Southern Idaho

14.5 Total CE available

at CSI Fine Arts Center, 315 Falls Avenue, Twin Falls, ID 83301


Friday, October 21st: (7.0 credits)

8 CE’s if only attending Saturday (exhibitor education is worth 1.0 CE)

7:00am-8:00am – Registration, Continental Breakfast (Healthy Start Breakfast – Fine Arts Lobby)
7:30 – Check in, visit exhibitors (exhibitor education is worth 1.0 CE totally)
8:00am – IDHA President’s welcome
8:10-10:10am –“Ergonomics” Speaker Stephanie Botts, RDH, CEAS (2.0 CE)
                              Where:  Fine arts auditorium

                          ” Good Soda, Bad Soda, Acid on the Rise”   Speaker Kristin Evans, RDH, BS (2.0 CE)

Where: Room 247

10:10-11:00 am – Break, Exhibits

11:00am-12:00pm – “Why do I care if my patient is transgender?” Culturally Sensitive Care for Transgender Patients
                                        Speaker: Tammy Paquin-Marshall, RDH, MSDH (1.0 CE)
                                        Where: Fine arts auditorium
                                        Oral B break-out rooms. STUDENTS ONLY,
                                       Speaker: Bernadette Schlaefer, RDH
                                        Room 276 CSI/NIC/ISU
12:00-1:00pm – President’s Luncheon (Deli Buffet, Tayler building 276-277)
1:00-3:00pm – Student undergraduate Posters (1.0CE)
                            Session 1 (1:00-1:50)    Session 2 (2:00-3:00)
                            Where: Tayler Building 276-277
2:00-4:00pm –   “Oral systemic link”    Speaker: Machelle Hudson, RDH (2.0 CE)
                                Where: Fine arts auditorium
                               “The Nose Knows-The Importance of Nose Breathing!”     Speaker: Dr. Lon McRae DMD (2.0 CE)
                                 Where: Room 119
4:00-4:30pm – Break, Exhibits
4:30-5:30pm-   “Taking Care of Baby: Anticipatory Guidance Recommendations for Infants and Toddlers”
                                Speaker Melissa Calhoun, RDH, MSDH (1.0 CE)
                              Where: Fine arts auditorium
5:30-7:00pm – President’s Social, Westen Old Fashion BBQ – Taylor bldg. 276-277 (included in cost of registration, RSVP NEED)
         6:30 pm – Dessert with the IDHA Board of Direction
All day:  Silent Auction bidding
                Coffee, Unsweetened Iced Tea, Lemonade, Ice Water Station

Saturday, October 22nd (6.5 CE’s) 

7.5 CE’s if only attending Saturday (exhibitor education is worth 1.0 CE)
7:00-8:00am – Registration, Continental Breakfast (Breakfast Buffet – Taylor Building)
7:30am – Exhibit Open (exhibitor education is worth 1.0 CE totally)
8:00 – 9:00am – “Minimally Invasive Dentistry, Mobile Dentistry, Special Care Dentistry, and Teledentistry Choose
                              Your Own Adventure” Speaker Dr. Brooke M.O. Fukuoka, DMD, FSCD (2.0 CE)
                                Where: Fine Arts Auditorium
9:00-9:15am – Break, Exhibits
9:15-10:30am – “Periodontal Staging and Grading” Speaker Dr. Dan Kohut, DDS (1.0 CE)
                              Where: Fine Arts Auditorium
10:30am-11:30pm – “Advocacy Forum” Speaker Janis McClelland, RDH, MSDH (1.0 CE)
                                       Where: Fine Arts Room 247
10:30-12:00pm – “ENDS Devices” Speaker Cory Orchard (1.5 CE)
                                  Where: Fine Arts Auditorium
12:15-1:30pm – Lunch and Learn with Speaker: Annie Sundstrom, RDH, MSDH (1.0 CE)
                           “Dentist & Dental Hygienist Compact”
Where: Taylor Building 276-277
1:30-3:00pm – IDHA Annual General Business Meeting-Open to ALL
                            Close Annual Session
                             Where: Rooms 276-277
All day- Coffee, Unsweetened Iced Tea, Lemonade, Ice Water Station



Kristin Evans RDH, BS has been a clinical Dental Hygienist for over 30 years. She graduated from Idaho State University and has practiced in the Boise area for 29 years.  She has been a Professional Educator since 2019 and has loved educating her professional peers all over the United States.  She is passionate about researching oral health and the correlation it has with physical and mental health. Her work as a Professional Educator has elevated her love for helping both Dental Professionals and patients succeed. Kristin is a published writer and has articles in RDH Magazine and Dentistryiq.com. She was also recently the featured hygiene speaker at the Academy of LDS Dentist Conference with Dr. Rella and Dr. Gordon Christensen. Her goal is to change lives with simple strategies and powerful education by bridging the gap between mental, physical and oral health.  Kristin is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of one sweet baby boy.

Good Soda, Bad Soda: Acid on the Rise   

The impact of acids on our health is on the rise, especially in the oral cavity. Its affects are prevalent in every sex, race, and socio-economic group nationwide. Different types of acids influence the pH of the oral cavity, and they are having a big impact on not only our aging and adult population but also our children. The erosive effect of acidic pH has become more evident due to recent world events and the elevated prevalence of stressors. This is especially true in the last few years as we have seen an increase in mental and physical health issues. The strong correlation between mental, physical and oral health is an important link to overall patient health and healing. Leave this course with the knowledge and communication skills necessary to have a profound impact on your patients by identifying the cause and effects of erosive pH, and most of all, master prevention strategies.


Gain a deeper understanding of pH and its effects on the oral environment

Identify common acids that are impacting our oral health

Explore the impact of physical and mental health on our pH and oral health

Learn beneficial treatments and therapies for the prevention of acid erosion and compromised oral health.




Dr. McRae graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry in 1996 and has since had a successful practice in Meridian, Idaho. Dr. McRae has continued his education with some of the most advanced functional and aesthetic coursework available and this has led to and provides him with many opportunities to instruct at many dental schools and courses across the nation. Along with advanced education and recognition in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. McRae has also expanded his expertise into assessing and treating the airway allowing him to maintain his commitment to stay up to date with the latest developments in dental technology and intervention, empowering him to provide the highest standard of care and comfort for his patients beyond what is currently seen as standard dental care.



Tammy Marshall-Paquin, RDH, MSDH, MAADH, has been in dentistry for over 37 years, 32 of which she enjoyed as a clinical hygienist. Her passion for this profession began when she was a dental assistant helping people love their smiles again. Her focus in cultural competency and addressing disparities in care, especially for the LGBTQ+ population, came from developing deep friendships with members of this community and from research during her master’s degree. In addition to clinical hygiene with extensive experience in pediatrics, periodontal therapy, and complex case management, Tammy has served as an OSHA, HIPAA, and Infection Control Compliance Officer, clinical/office manager and is currently adjunct clinical faculty at Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene at MCPHS University, where she also earned her Master’s in Dental Hygiene with a focus on education.

“Why do I care if my patient is transgender?” Culturally Sensitive Care for Transgender Patients




Melissa Calhoun is a graduate of Pensacola State College’s dental hygiene program. Throughout her career she has worked in pediatric, implant, and general dentistry. Her passion for educating about oral health brought her to want more. In 2021, Melissa graduated with a master’s in dental hygiene with a concentration in education from the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene at MCPHS University in Boston, MA. Melissa currently works clinically at a general dental office in San Diego, CA. She is also a professional educator with Arm & Hammer and a Swiss Dental Academy GBT trainer with EMS Dental. Melissa is a member of the ADHA, VP of Professional Development and Corporate Sponsorship for the California Dental Hygienists’ Association San Diego component, and President-Elect of the American Academy of Dental Hygiene.

Take good care of my baby

Establishing oral health care for infants

Dental caries has been the most prevalent childhood disease in the United States for decades. To aid the promotion of oral health and reduce early childhood caries (ECC), it is vital that we provide professional dental care to infants. This course will establish the need and opportunity for this population. A review of the importance of establishing a dental home by 12 months of age will lead us into a discussion about anticipatory guidance recommendations set forth by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Finally, this presentation with provide an interactive platform with oral health providers to learn how to implement infant care appointments into their schedule and engage with babies and caregivers.

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify when to schedule an assessment for infant oral care.
  • Explain critical components of an infant care appointment.
  • Review key anticipatory guidance with caregivers of infants.
  • Understand how caregivers play a vital role in infant oral health care.




Machell Hudson, RDH, FAAOSH is the founder and CEO of Integrative Dental Coaching. She is a proud and passionate fellow and member of the prestigious board for The American Academy for Oral and Systemic Health. Her newest accolade is being invited to sit on the education committee for Women in DSO. Because of her love for patient care she continues to practice clinical hygiene while also speaking and consulting with an expertise in oral-systemic connections and protocol implementation. She is a graduate of the Bale/Doneen
method preceptorship which is advanced training in arterial disease with a focus on heart attack, stroke and diabetes prevention, Kois trained in periodontal health and a certified health coach. Machell cherishes time with her family and friends and a big part of her heart is spent volunteering for Unbound advocating and speaking on Human Trafficking Awareness. Please contact her at machell@integrativedentalcoaching.com

Oral Systemic Health and the Homecare Solution

The Oral-Systemic movement has taken on a new responsibility within dentistry and the major brunt of that responsibility falls onto we dental hygienists. I take pride in knowing my patients do not view preventative care as “just a cleaning” and it brings even more joy seeing each of them reach health in ways they previously did not believe was possible. Hygienists are preventative specialists, and we are magical at instilling value within our patients. Never underestimate your knowledge and your ability to create change. The less tapped into power of our profession is our ability to encourage habit change not only with educating and treating periodontal disease but most importantly the power we have in allowing our patients to participate in their own health and it is not by tackling the daunting brushing and flossing routine. There is science proving we can better create change when our patients understand they are a participant in getting them too healthy. Learn from the latest scientific research and personal experience how following a prescriptive and personalized approach involving home care tools that reduce the most bacterial load which results in a reducing inflammation within the oral microbiome and systemically. Let’s get back to providing nutritional counseling and how we can confidently set our patients up for success.

Oral Systemic Connections 101
Home care: quit recommending and start prescribing
Nutrition that heals from the inside out




Dr. Brooke is a passionate speaker whose primary focus is improving oral health for patients who have special healthcare needs and geriatric patients who live in long-term care. She has practiced in a diverse array of settings and has built programs to help expand access to care for her patients. In her part-time private practice, Your Special Smiles PLLC, she practices portable dentistry, interdisciplinary hospital dentistry, teledentistry has developed a professionally aided home hygiene program in two long-term care facilities. She also works full time at a Federally Qualified Health Center, Family Health Services of Idaho where she runs their Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic for patients who have special healthcare needs. She is active in organized dentistry and enjoys working with diverse groups of people. Her high-energy and fast-paced courses can be catered to any group regardless of size or education level. Her courses encourage participation and often contain simulation activities. She strives to create a fun, yet educational interactive environment where learners gain knowledge and experiences that they can immediately implement in their practice

Minimally Invasive Dentistry, Mobile Dentistry, Special Care Dentistry, and Teledentistry Choose Your Own Adventure

Minimally Invasive Dentistry, Teledentistry, Portable Dentistry  and Mobile Dentistry have been growing in both interest and utilization. These modalities are especially helping when treating patients who have special healthcare needs. This course is different every time because in this course, instead of going over her slides in order, Dr. Brooke has the learners drive the bus. What is it YOU want to talk about? We will have topics on a slide Jeopardy Style, and the learners will pick which ones we talk about. Learners will keep choosing topics until the time runs out. If you have something you want to talk about pertaining to these topics that is not on the slide, speak up and ask. This course is about learning what YOU want to learn.

Learning Objectives will vary based on topics chosen by learners below are some of many potential objectives:

* Understand the basic science behind SDF and/or Glass Ionomer.
* Be aware of various protocols, with SDF and Glass Ionomer.
* Understand the principles of partial caries removal.
* Be exposed to indications and contraindications for SDF/SMART.
* See case examples of SDF in adult populations.
* Understand basic teledentistry terminology.
* Understand when synchronous and asynchronous teledentistry can be utilized
* Understand benefits and limitations of teledentistry
* Understand the advantages and disadvantages of mobile and portable dentistry
* See different options for portable and mobile set ups
* Learn safety in transporting portable instruments


2022 IDHA Annual Meeting is sponsored by Delta Dental




****Details about attending the conference****

Parking: There is plenty of free parking in front of the Fine Art Building at College of Southern Idaho.

Arrival: Attendees can arrive after 7:00am to check in and visit vendors. The conference will start at 8:00 am. Check in desk will be just as you walk in the front doors where you will get your registration materials. A continental breakfast will be provided.

CE credit: Paper CE slips will be handed out at the end of each speaker session.

President’s Dinner: This will be held in the Taylor bldg. room 276-277 in Friday evening from 5:30-7pm. Western Old Fashion BBQ dinner! Show us your western style! RSVPs for this event were requested during registration and the cost is included.

Voting: IDHA members will participate in voting on incoming board members. If you are interested in a position and would like to be on the ballot, please reach out to Tari Devaney at tari.ryan@gmail.com. Balloting instruction will take place Friday and ballots will be due Saturday by 8:00am.

Silent Auction: If you have items to donate for this auction, please reach out to Tari Devaney, tari.ryan@gmail.com to make arrangements. We appreciate all donations! Funds go to IDHA’s foundation, which funds student scholarships and community outreach grants and awards.

Handouts: There are no handouts that need to be printed ahead of time.

Hotel Accommodation: 

Select a Room (ihg.com)

Holiday Inn – Twin Falls, Idaho
1586 Blue Lakes Blvd North
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
T: 208-733-7545

Single 1-2 guests $99/night; Double 2-4 guests $109/night

Reservations to be made by CUT OFF DATE via booking link and/or call-in-Cutoff Date September 20, 2022
● Room and incidentals being covered by Individuals
● Credit card required at reservation for guarantee



****Details for Exhibitors****

Set up: Tables will be set up for you in the hallways just inside the building. Each table will be covered with a linen and 2 chairs will be provided. You can set up Thursday after 7:00pm if you would like, or Friday morning prior to 7:00am. Attendees will start arriving between 7:00-8:00am.

Parking: Plenty of parking is available in the hotel parking lot.

Meals: Meals during the conference are included. This includes a continental breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday.

Take Down: Your registration fee includes your table for 2 days. We will finish up the meetings Saturday at 3pm. You are welcome to stay as long as you are able. If you leave a bit early, feel free to leave samples and literature on your table.




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